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Video communicates completely, complements your words and pictures 
brings your message to life. Video is a great way to differentiate yourself.

The N3, has a simple and seamless process when delivering video email -  The N3 will deliver targeted video emails to show attendees based on the feedback given while playing one of our fun and engaging games. Add incentives for a call to action. Just ask us how?


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The Future Of Interactive Marketing Today!

We have a revolutionary system to attract and collect data in mass while at an event or trade show. Players have a chance to receive rewards in exchange for demographic information. Everybody wins.


The N3 will capture emails addresses, names and anything else you might want to know.

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Acquire Contact Data
  • Reward / Motivate Customers or Employees
  • Engage Consumers
  • Drive People Into Your Website/Booth/Store
  • Increase Advertising Response Rates
  • Increase Customer Frequency



Incentive marketing plugs right into your existing business model in four major areas: 


Advertising, sales, repeat business and referral business. We will put your trade show ROI (Return On Investment) on steroids by delivering these incentives to consumers from the N3 at your business annual trade show. Businesses that consistently run incentive marketing campaigns in all four areas will see a significant increase in sales within 6-12 months.

We have many different incentives to choose from which are offered as unlimited for one low fee. We also have premium incentives at a small cost to you and 100% no cost to the recipient. You will be able to deliver 100's or even 1000's of certificates on behalf of your business.

Key Features of our SMS Marketing Service for Conventions & Trade Shows

  1. Build a list of subscribers in the weeks leading up to the convention, inviting exhibitors and attendees to join your text messaging alert list. Continue the promotions on-site with signage, announcements and the N3 marketing platform.
  2. Import phone numbers of staff and volunteers. Segment them into groups for fast, effective communication.
  3. Host daily giveaways – provided by your sponsors – and let our software choose x number of winners at random. In advance, you can schedule your messages to send at specific times.
  4. Using our send-from-phone feature, send last-minute announcements from the trade show floor.
  5. Upsell your exhibitor packages by offering targeted text message blasts to your attendees.

Texting for Conventions and Trade Shows:          
A typical convention, trade show, or expo has a variety of events going on simultaneously. In addition to visiting exhibitor booths, attendees can often take advantage of autograph signings, special appearances, giveaways, panel discussions, Q&As and more.

With thousands of people in attendance, it is a challenge announcing these happenings in a timely, effective manner. Brochures and flyers are too expensive and often ignored. You can only make so many announcements before people stop paying attention. Placing your information on the web helps, but not everyone has access to the Internet from the convention floor.

Our text messaging solution for conventions and trade shows provides you with a method of capturing attendees' mobile phone numbers and allows you to alert exhibitors and attendees of upcoming show announcements both before and  during the show for up-to-the-minute announcements. In addition, you can build excitement and awareness with interactive contests and polls. Using our text-from-phone feature, event managers can send last-minute announcements directly from their phones. This program also presents a great opportunity to bring in additional revenue after the shows by sending exhibitor-sponsored messages to targeted groups of subscribers.

N3 Texting's Text Messaging Solution for Conventions and Trade Shows will enhance and ease the flow of communication between both your attendees and exhibitors, at the same time reducing your work and expenditures. Further, as you build up a database of subscribers, you will be able to generate new streams of revenue by delivering text-based exhibitor offers as well as future show announcements. If you are interested in setting up an easy-to-use, cost-effective text messaging solution for your upcoming convention, give us a call.

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