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Mail Drops with W.I.F.M.

Greater Response From Your Mail Drops

Have you ever heard the idiom,"Curiosity  killed the cat"? Our powerful mailers create enough curiosity to drive a larger percentage of mail recipients to the W.I.F.M. "What's In It for Me?" We set the stage for the W.I.F.M. to create the curiosity, then provide a path to the answer. This path puts them on a course to becoming a lead/tour for your business by interacting with your business online.


Online Answer

Everyone--is--a--winner web gaming

We have a host of fun and engaging online games that contain a selection of powerful travel incentives and operate on the give--to--get method. The mailer creates the curiosity and the mail recipient give their information in an online game to win one of five prizes including the guaranteed prize. More people call in to redeem their prize simply because people value something they won more than if it was given to them. 



We converge paper mail delivery with the online digital world and offer a combination of winning options to the mail recipient. By doing this, we provide powerful motivation and direct dial access for an inbound call to your phone room. We also provide stimulating motivation to the segment of the population that will never pick up the phone but will go online, thus creating an outbound dial lead that your traditional mail piece doesn't do.