For Immediate Release

Columbus, OH - A locally owned marketing company N3 Marketing has announced today that it has signed a new marketing services contract with Travel Resorts Of America.  The first marketing campaign is expected to be released this weekend June 27, 2014. 

The contract will permit N3 Marketing to promote Travel Resorts of America's Ohio Resorts, Rocky Fork Ranch and Wally World riverside camping resort. The marketing services will consist of creative design and facilitation of event and static display marketing using their N3 Marketing Platform. For more information on this product, please visit      

About N3 Marketing

A consumer engagement agency specializing in integrated marketing services, from on location to online, Synergize your Marketing Efforts to Gain New Customers. From event access to event activation to digital media marketing, We combine our expertise across marketing disciplines to realize the most return on your marketing spend.  For more information, please visit 

About Travel Resorts Of America

Membership based RV Campground Clubs, Luxury RV Resorts, with six RV resort campgrounds owned and operated by Travel Resorts of America: Sycamore Lodge Resort, Gettysburg Battlefield Resort, Wally World Riverside Resort, Rocky Fork Ranch Resort, Pymatuning Adventure Resort, and Twin Lakes Resort. Your Travel Resorts of America membership will also give you access to over 300 private RV campgrounds and 300 public parks; all at discounted rates. For more information, please visit 

To Learn More about this contract please contact

Tim Telesz, VP Marketing, 614-987-8901,, #N3marketing1